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Prithvi Chauhan
Director of Photography.

About Me.

I am an India-born Director of Photography based in Los Angeles. I refined my craft under the mentorship of Italian photographer Federico Botta in Torino, Italy.


​My versatility spans across various genres, with a portfolio that includes an eclectic mix of feature films, short films, commercials, and music videos. Through each project, I strive to bring a unique visual style and emotional depth, making every frame a compelling part of the story.

Featured Work


Step into a world of visual storytelling where each frame is crafted with precision and passion. As a Director of Photography, my work spans across diverse genres, capturing the essence of every moment with cinematic finesse.

Featured Articles.

Welcome to my collection of featured articles, where I share my journey and insights as a Director of Photography. Here, you'll discover behind-the-scenes stories from my most memorable projects, detailed explorations of cinematographic techniques, and my thoughts on the latest industry trends.

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